Mission to embark digital transformation in 2021

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Mission to embark digital transformation in 2021

Digital transformation is a widespread movement that global companies, large and small, are quickly adopting for their business to stay afloat, especially during this ongoing pandemic.

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During this era of modern technology, we’re slowly but surely shifting from the physical world to the digital space. This phenomenon is known as the digital transformation which refers to the convergence of all digital technologies to reconstruct services and operations by actively reshaping or replacing outdated technology with the latest trending digital technologies. This digitalization movement includes shifting paper to spreadsheets, written records to typed documents and from managing old businesses practices to smart tech-based practices where modern companies are reimagining the way they run their business by adopting new digital technologies to leverage the digital transformation.


Digital transformation is a widespread movement that global companies, large and small, are quickly adopting for their business to stay afloat, especially during this ongoing pandemic. Following a survey done by the leading survey company Gartner, 91% of organizations nowadays are engaging in some form of digital initiatives while a survey done before COVID-19 by SAP & Oxford Business implies that leading companies have increased their profits after digital transformation. This movement has inevitably caused an ever-increasing demand for intelligent, reliable and available data to motivate both local and global organizations to implement digital strategies. As a way to satisfy the need for digital transformation strategies, a Malaysian R&D startup, REKA is prioritizing digital enablement as a central focus of their clients’ modernization initiatives. REKA, well-known for the Malaysian talents that created a local autonomous vehicle, is currently exploring the potential engagement in the field of traffic data monitoring with their Japanese counterparts as well as warehouse automation, and the digitalization of the local aftermarket sector.


The COO of REKA, Amri Mohd Din, commented: “We’ve well-equipped our team for the digital transformation movement even before the pandemic which helped our clients to sustain their business by transferring their organization to the digital space. We quickly studied and understood the ever-increasing demand in the current times and started working on digital automation technologies within our services which we used to advance the digitalization process. One of our efforts towards digital transformation was joining the SERV Group to further enhance the digitalization movement beyond the automotive industry”.


Digital transformation has not only transcended the operations and services of businesses worldwide but it has also changed the everyday lives of the people. This global pandemic demonstrated how people in 2020 heavily rely on digital technologies which calls for modern organizations to equip digital transformation strategies to remain relevant in the post-pandemic era. Digital transformation is not just a passing event, it is a long-term movement that has been our commitment since REKA began its journey to build better technology for the people.

About REKA

REKA is a Research & Development company from Malaysia that focuses on delivering digital technologies and automation within organizations. Being one of the first startups to build autonomous vehicles within the region, REKA’s outreach has stretched to other countries around the globe, helping organizations to go digital, strategizing technology implementations and helping the community with Science, Technology & Arts.

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