Goodbye 2020, holla new REKA!

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by Ridzwan Razalee

As we bid adieu to 2020, let’s take a look at what this rollercoaster of a year has brought us and see what’s in store for us next year! This year became the year where we ascended to a new phase at REKA. We remodeled our entire look and feel to represent a brand new identity. This new face of REKA reflects our future alongside the fun and beautiful side of the realm of technology. We took the original REKA logo & branding and made a few tweaks to the design to showcase the endless fun side with different kinds of inputs in technology. Let’s take a look at other achievements we made last year.

Last year we took a leap of faith and joined forces with SERV to advance mobility technology in Malaysia which is aligned with our aim to expand the implementation of our AI and autonomous technology. By adding REKA’s capabilities into SERV’s ambition, the group has now provided a simpler approach to promote the R&D of autonomous mobility technology across the automotive networks in the region. This collaboration allows REKA to design and move forward with various types of multi-dimensional tech solutions that will be needed to address the complex problems in the whole automotive industry.

The partnership with our Japanese counterpart began with the deployment of this traffic sensor that was installed at one of the main entry points to Cyberjaya as a test run in 2019. Apart from the technical support from our team, we’re also active in advocating for our local engineers by joining a talk with YME: Young Malaysian Engineers and covered a few subtopics under data analytics such as Economy, Social, Agriculture, Mobility, and Careers/Fresh Grads.

During the peak of the pandemic, we were hard at work to devise a way for us to give back to our dedicated front liners by partnering with MERCY Malaysia to deliver intubation boxes to hospitals around Malaysia! This may not have been a revolutionary way to help them but it was our small contribution to flatten the curve last year.

As it was a stressful time for many, our team was forced to adapt to the ‘new norm’ amidst the ongoing pandemic crisis. Our remote working started just a few weeks before the MCO in Malaysia commenced which was definitely a different experience for many peREKAs who were fortunately coping well whilst juggling between work and personal life with the help of modern technology. We ensured that our team followed all the SOPs seriously by encouraging everyone to mainly work from home & only make essential trips within their vicinity. We believe that our small steps play a huge role in helping to curb the COVID-19 spread by abiding by the SOPs & staying safe through these trying times.

At REKA, we believe in trying to out-do ourselves and achieving greater heights each year. With our friends over at SERV – who believe that great is never good enough – we’ll definitely be working harder towards achieving our shared goal towards serving the people and our nation with innovation in the field of technology. If you’re interested in our future developments, we advise you to expect the unexpected when it comes to our talents and the future we’re building.

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