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While we’re located in Malaysia, we provide our services all over the world. Thanks to technology, we’re able to keep close daily communication with our clients, no matter where they are.

How is it
working with

At REKA, our culture is all about finding better ways to do things and making things better overall.

Our peREKA developers engage in the development process more than just writing code. We look at the entire product while keeping the end users in mind. In the beginning stages of development, we engage with our clients by having them to participate in a design sprint so we can have a better understanding to their digital transformation needs.

Our Development Cycle

Ideation & Discovery

Idea Expansion and Brainstroming

Prototyping & Validation

Requirement & Specification and Design Sprint & Wireframing

Initial Development

Product design & Development and Quality assurance

Testing Stage

Alpha test (Internal testing), Beta test (Group testing), User Acceptance Test


Monitor product environment from staging to production

Growing Product

Data analytics, Product Enhancement & Maintanence, Digital Marketing & Sales

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