Applying technology and science to deliver solutions regardless of industry

See how beautiful design works when combined with high-end technology

Applying technology and science to deliver solutions regardless of industry

See how beautiful design works when it is combined with high-end technology

Tech Narrative

Stay up to date with the latest tech trends by listening to our REKA Narrative podcast episodes. Hear it straight/directly from the industry experts, both local and international, on how technology is shaping our society.

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Use Cases

Building the future of social gaming

As mobile games grow increasingly social and physical, today’s players want to interact with a more real world experience. To tackle this problem, RODEO set out to create a new type of social gaming app that rewards you while interacting with brand or media owners.

Simplifying user's vehicle ownership

Having multiple apps for managing a single car is inconvenient for users anywhere. SERV enables vehicle management to be simple and convenient from owning your vehicle digitally to getting the right services for your car in addition to tracking your vehicle health.

Sensing traffic flow and movement density

As the world is going through a global crisis, the COVID-19, having insights on the movement of vehicles and population density is crucial in flattening the curve. Our client sets out to develop and deploy multiple smart city sensors across the globe, building a data-driven platform.

Digitalizing the heavy equipment service industry

As the heavy equipment industry is growing, clients are demanding for more frequent and convenient service to be delivered. UMW aims to be the platform that adopts an on-demand cloud service to tackle an industry that is underserved with technology.

Our REKA Initiatives

We believe that the pursuit of advancing technology should be to bring positive impact towards the communities around us. We ensure that as much as possible our ventures with others is sustainable and impactful towards a bigger cause.


During the pandemic’s peak, we found a way for us to give back to our frontliners by partnering with MERCY Malaysia to deliver intubation boxes to hospitals around Malaysia

During the first National Lockdown, we launched collaborative initiatives with a team of researchers from the Faculty of Health Science, UKM to provide effective COVID-19 protection.

Disinfect, sanitize, clean: Working alongside Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia to research on COVID-19 sterilization to assist our local frontliners


Driving change in the automotive industry: Developing a digital platform for workshop communities to connect them with their customers and the enable them to move their workshop operations to the cloud

The partnership with our Japanese counterpart, Murata, began with the deployment of traffic counting sensors in 2019 and was installed at major entry points around Klang Valley

Designing robust and multi-dimensional technological solutions for businesses. We work alongside SERV’s team to create a supportive digital environment for the local automotive sector


Autonomy: we give our peREKA’s sense of ownership, independence, and choice in planning the work process in their respective field and deciding how to finish it.

REKA empowers radical young talents by showing them their importance as an individual to make a difference by giving them full ownership and responsibilities over their projects 

At REKA, we’ve found that the social impact from the communion of teams, old and new, are a powerful way to build better technologies as well as a strong sense of community

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