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The Current State of ITS in Malaysia and Around The Globe

  • ITS is estimated to have a market size of USD26.6 billion with a projected 6% growth until 2027
  • While the market value is lucrative, investment towards ITS will need proper utilization and planning
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Digitalizing the heavy equipment service industry

  • As the heavy equipment industry is growing, one of our clients, UMW is searching for more frequent and convenient service to be delivered.
  • UMW aims to be the platform that adopts an on-demand cloud service to tackle an industry that is underserved with technology
  • Learn how organizations like UMW started adopting automation to achieve long-term operational sustainability.

What we REKA?

REKA Inisiatif Sdn Bhd or REKA is a Research and Development (R&D) technology company, focusing on the digitalization of organizations through the application of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Currently, REKA is in collaboration with Murata to automate the aggregation and processing of traffic data such as vehicle count, vehicle class, traffic flow and speed with the inclusion of environmental data such surrounding temperature, atmospheric pressure as well as carbon dioxide levels in extension to our sustainable cities efforts.