We aim to challenge the status quo of science & technology

We aim to challenge the status quo of science & technology

We believe behind great technology,
lies greater talents

We do things a bit, differently

Being a company that works on different challenges on a daily basis, we had to adapt to various ever-evolving conditions. As such, we have structured our teams and they way we recruit in a quirky sense that matches our culture. By having a ‘job class’ setup, we are able to quickly scale our teams with a diverse rich background that matches with the different projects we undertake.

The Techies

The Techies

An Inscriptor

Talents with affinity towards software development and delivering digital technology are grouped in this job class.

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A Fabricator

Talents with affinity towards the physical aspect of technology development whether it be electronics, robotics or even networks are grouped in this job class.

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A Materializer

Talents with affinity towards deep tech or scientific exploratory or even precision engineering are grouped in this job class.

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Explore the hidden lore

A Visualizer

Talents with affinity towards advocating the applications and delivering impactful technology are grouped in this job class

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An Orchestrator

A job class for talents with affinity towards managing, strategizing, while bridging teams to deliver technology

The Pathfinders

REKA is founded to be a hub for talents

A diverse culture of local talents with global aspirations.

We saw potential technology and talent that is thriving locally. We wanted to be a platform that creative, innovatie and bold like-minded people come together to tackle problems with technology, at a global scale.

Empowering the next-gen talents to REKA.

Internship at REKA​

We understand the need to gain knowledge and experience for employment. At REKA we provide both the technical course and the industry-grade experience to ready for the market.

Community by REKA

We believe technology should bring about positive impacts to local and global communities alike, especially through trying times to make life a smoother journey for all.

Research with REKA

Universities and institutions are pivotal to education, more so in terms of cutting edge research. We aim to bring these exceptional achievements into the market, locally and globally.

I have embarked through such journey of thrill and excitement whilst gaining experience with the strong lineup of team in REKA
Irma Syazreena
Marketing lead
An R&D company at its core. Comfortably diving into the unknown and seeking undeniable knowledge to provide simplified technological solutions.
Raqiff Mahat
Team Leader - Special Class
Each of us here at REKA have garnered new knowledge together while enjoying fun times with the passion to pursue and explore.
Lydia Afiqah
Web Developer
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