Daily Commute: The Average Hours Malaysians Spend on the Road

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by Ridzwan Razalee

The lives of Malaysians in metropolitan urban areas are running constantly. Each individual has spots to reach and jobs to wrap up. The populace explosion is seen in the charts as well as on the streets. Everybody hates traffic congestion, and without a doubt, it continues to deteriorate, despite attempted remedies. Coming from the inescapable longing of individuals to seek after specific goals that unavoidably over-burden existing streets and travel frameworks every day, the peak-hour traffic congestion has been an inborn consequence of the manner in which current societies work.

Time spent in a rush-hour gridlock might have been utilized productively, such as investing one more hour in at work or catching up on social activities. Back in 2015, research found that average Malaysians spend around 1 million squandered hours annually in traffic in blockages each day.

By and large, the Waze information showed that Malaysians spend a normal of 1 hour and 12 minutes out of every day out and about on the road. Seeing it, squandered 1 million hours altogether stranded in gridlock translates to an aggregate of RM 10-20 billion yearly.

This number is determined in light of a few factors, the most outstanding factor is how much fuel-wasted is and the financial worth of an individual’s time in Kuala Lumpur.

In Malaysia, the ITS industry is heading in the right direction and is on the right track. With a comprehensive plan, in the near future, the conventional traffic management framework will be gradually transitioning away from itself and a new era of ITS innovation will arise.

ITS will most likely be unable to tackle all the transportation issues of today, but this innovation has incredible potential and will altogether affect the worldwide economy. Malaysia is sharp and is resolved to collect the advantages of ITS innovation and is outfitting itself to be in the standard to contribute essentially towards further upgrading the personal satisfaction and the climate we live in.

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