Smart City Data Analytics

Since 2018, REKA and Murata have been in collaboration to understand the trends in smart city data analytics, technology as well as the traffic behaviour regionally. In 2019, we’ve teamed up to explore the potential of real-time traffic and environment data monitoring and analytics, emphasizing on the localization of Murata’s data platform solution towards the local region.

Mobility system for the future

Our traffic counting technology systems are designed to adapt to localized environments – from mixed-use developments, to city zones, high-density roads and residential communities.

Privacy-centric High Accuracy Data

Our technology are built with using high precision sensors that are designed to be both reliable and protects the privacy of road users.

High Performance Real-Time Analytics

Every data is processed at the edge and sent to the cloud in real-time with low-latency to empower data-driven decisions for stakeholders.

Where are we making change with the sensors?

We have deployed sensors around South East Asia and have been localizing the technology to suit the local needs. Explore our sensors virtually below and understand the impact of the sensors towards the day to day society

For industries to adapt to smart traffic counting, we made it easier for them.


The collaboration with Murata is a step forward for the region’s Intelligent Transport System (ITS) development and prepare the people to be more future-ready.


Reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to natural disaster crises.


95% highly accurate daily vehicle count with surrounding traffic information

Track the performance of each advertisement based on the traffic data collected in real-time.


A wide-ranging insight on traffic behaviour

Better understand the traffic behaviour to forecast demographic insight in response to the advertisement that is displayed at any moment.


Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA)

Facilitate the practice, evaluation, and forecast of traffic impact assessment for future development.


Road Improvement

Our technology’s data will provide us with the data necessary for road improvements based on the density of traffic.


What Our Clients Said

The audience measurements provided by REKA are of high quality when it comes to assisting with various methods of understanding audience behaviour for outdoor advertisements. I really look forward to the sensors covering more locations in the future.

Edgar Lim
Executive Director at AIMs Research

Find out how traffic data can help the way you do your work today

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The Deployment of Murata Traffic Data Technology

Listen in on this episode to learn more about Murata, our project, and the future potential of this joint effort with our esteemed guest, Hiroaki Tsumori from Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Traffic counter system

Sensor nodes linked to traffic lights and signs capture data on traffic volume, vehicle speed, and the surrounding environment.

Ibrahim Sani's Notepad: Partnership with Murata to Create Data-Driven Cities across Southeast Asia

The traffic counter system utilizes LiDAR tech that focuses on maintaining road user privacy. The system also calculates per-lane data such as vehicle count, classification, flow direction, and speed.

Pandanaran (Semarang)

Pandanaran Street is a center for souvenirs from Semarang. This is where Semarang specialties such as Lumpia, bandeng presto, and wingko babat can be found easily.

Denpasar-Gilimanuk Roadway (Bali)

The Denpasar-Gilimanuk Roadway was built as a connection and the fastest access to the center of Denpasar City.

JPO Dukuh Atas (Jakarta)

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) was first developed in this area. And will become the area that has the most transit access in Jakarta.

Jend. Sudirman (Bandung)

Sudirman Street is one of famous culinary destination in Bandung. This area is a popular hangout for foodies. The location is close to the town hall. Its location is even within the walking distance.


This area is also located near to Royal City Avenue, one of Bangkok’s most popular areas for young locals to go out at night.

Victory Monument

Victory Monument is in the middle of a busy commercial area in the north of Siam. This area is full of affordable fashion stores, malls, and local restaurants.

Sukhumvit 24

One of the many busy locations in Bangkok, which provides a variety of entertainment options and allows us to understand the city’s traffic patterns in the middle of the city.

Jalan Kuching

Understanding about the daily traffic that comes from Kuala Lumpur City Center to neighborhoods like Jalan Kuching and Selayang.

St. Ignatus

The sensor is monitoring traffic on Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong (LDP), which is the main highway from Puchong to the main city of Damansara.