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Enables you to get your audience

A private-by-design spatial motion intelligence that helps you to generate real-time and record historical data inside your physical space.


How Does
It Work?

How do visualising the audience analytics tools work for you? The best analogy would be to imagine it as a computer game. The moving units you see on the PLExyz dashboard are your audience nearby the sensor. The data near the sensor interacts with each other and virtually shows your business living and working in real time. All of the assets, people, and vehicles near the sensor’s proximity are stored in a digital copy securely in the cloud that can be accessed at any time. Detailed information such as people and vehicle movement can be accessed and view easily using our data visualization dashboard <coming soon!>


Our Features

Rich space utilization and activity data

Determine how many people are in the building and their activity within the vicinity of your business, either in real-time or historical via dashboard or APIs.

The industry’s lowest total cost of ownership

It is 90% less expensive for businesses to store physical data in their space. Our sensors do not necessitate costly installations.

Capture spatial data

Movement or interaction in your space triggers the sensor, and the data will be captured as well as stored securely in digital format.

Private by design, real time and accurate

Sensors that are based on cameras are typically It can readily be abused for user identification or privacy invasions. PLExyz is aimed at preserving the privacy of users in opportunistic-sensing environments.


Beacon’s Level

Entry-level audience measurement metrics

  • ‘Presence’ detection
  • Counting of detected assets
  • Basic data correlation
  • Single beacon detection

Make use of your physical space and engagement

  • ‘Presence’ and object detection
  • Detailed counting and simple identification without real attachment
  • Multiple data correlation
  • Multiple beacon detection
Understand people’s behaviour in relation to space and interactivity
  • Use of digital and physical datasets
  • Populate detailed simulation and distribution
  • Can be used for identifying specific subject or asset
  • Movement detection and tracking


Usage Type

Starter Package

Start from $100

For Enterprise Package


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