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Interns Wanted

Hear it from our intern alumni.

We have accepted a lot of interns since the time REKA has been established and we take it our responsibility to make sure each and everyone of them receives not just the experience needed, but also the knowledge to kick-start their career within the technology space.

Siti Nabilah

Mobile & Web Application Intern

It’s a fun place to work while you learn about the skills you need to excel in your working life when you enter the industry.

Chimuka Chinene

Marketing Communications Intern

Working at REKA allowed me to grow considerably and become well acquainted with not only the marketing industry but the technological industry too. I’m grateful for the opportunity I was given.

Hanis Hannani

Product Design Intern

The experiences that REKA has exposed me to in my time there is quite the memorable one. These experiences will doubtless serve me well in my future within this industry.

Everyone is entitled to learn and experience

We saw potential technology and talent that is thriving locally. We wanted to be a platform that creative, innovatie and bold like-minded people come together to tackle problems with technology, at a global scale.

Diversity & Growth

To build a future that serves everybody, we need people with different perspectives.

We’re building a multidisciplinary team that embraces a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and skills. Because true innovation begins with inclusivity.

Internship at REKA

A unique opportunity to help reinvent personal empowerment—and learn from some of the brightest minds in tech.