Highlighting four women in REKA who have made significant contributions to the mission we do here!

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by Ridzwan Razalee

Fun, enthusiastic and keen — the words we hear from the 4 resilient women who featured their encounters with REKA. Let’s take a quick look at the four ladies who demonstrated that the spearheading soul of the past REKA never stops, and the ladies are as yet looking for new, forward-looking arrangements today, with prescience and drive.

Nabilah’s Growth​

Developing interest is a strong motivational process that empowers learning, and is vital for one’s achievement. Nabilah shared her experience with REKA, she stated, “I always feel that ‘The finest interface is the one with human connection’. This made me believe that the work that I do at REKA enhanced my interest in software development and continue to study more to create the best interface so our users may utilize it more.”

She is one of our front-end developers who expresses herself that the best point of interface is the one with human association and it caused her to accept that it made development for her interest in software development to make the best interface for the clients. At REKA, we will undoubtedly allow our kin to participate in the process to make improvements to achieve success.

Syima Explores

Nurhasyimah Ismail, a senior front-end developer assists herself with building her reality on the world of programming educated by the vast majority at REKA. She said during one of her interviews, “Well, before entering REKA, I don’t have any background in programming nor did I learn programming, so basically I start from zero, but luckily there was Ibrahim (our CTO) guide with coding, so here I am.” She giggled and added, “Then when I started on the SERV app, I was just learning and getting more knowledge on React Native, API, cloud functions from Nasreen.”. Syima thrived on learning as much as listening to people. “To summarize, I had the opportunity to be taught by most people here. At REKA, which made me who I am today.” she says.

For Syima, it’s true that the world of programming is immense but with REKA, it is never too late to build her love in programming with the help of her colleagues. At REKA, it is never too late to let yourself enjoy the process to grow, and when you grow with us, you learn.

Ready, set, GAME!

Inun Fariha, a woman who’s always up for a good challenge, happily shared her journey as an intern with us. Having fun while doing work is one of her objectives, “It was undoubtedly fun to work at REKA.” she says. “When I was an intern at REKA, I was assigned to work with Murata, one of the biggest companies in the world. I also participated in REKAthon, which was my first time joining a game development challenge.” she declares, not completely bragging, but proudly stating her journey.

With Inun’s time as an intern, she spent her days learning, exercising creativity and building friendships. “Thank you kind-hearted-and-funny people in REKA!” Inun says. At REKA, there’s more to life than learning, it is also about taking risks and meeting new people to help you throughout your journey.

No wasting time with Suad

Time is gold, isn’t it? When you wake up in the morning, you should never passed up a great opportunity to learn new things everyday. And that’s it for Suad Anwar. She is our product research advocate, “I am keen on my current projects at REKA, together with our team leader in the Special Class team, Raqiff where I learn new things every day. “ she says.

Suad credits her Mission Control and Plexyz project with shaping her attitude towards work, “Those moments that I was involved with Mission Control and Plexyz project brought me a lot of positive energy to keep rediscovering more and at the same time acquire new skills every day.” she says. At REKA, we believe in a ceaseless growth process of learning that goes on forever, and this is what makes it fun!

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