Embarking change towards the evaluation of traffic data

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Following the rapid advancement of technology, businesses are now required to advertise on the physical space while being able to digitally track their advertisement analytics in order to compete with other businesses of the same caliber. As a way to provide for this ever-increasing need, a Malaysian R&D startup, REKA, is currently exploring the potential engagement in the field of traffic data monitoring. REKA aims to provide real-time traffic information which will definitely benefit smart city initiatives as well as the digital advertising sector.

This system uses raw data from a Japanese-made sensor which assists REKA to analyze said data with High Accuracy in real-time to provide unique data analysis based on the traffic counter result. The collected raw data is classified by vehicle class, number of vehicles, daily temperature, and emission of CO2 within the sensor’s area coverage.

A common fear when it comes to data tracking and sensors is the public’s privacy security. However, with this piece of technology, the public can rest assured because the sensor will not detect any individuals inside the vehicle as it is only tracking the vehicle’s speed as well as the data components surrounding the sensor. “I am very excited to bring this ground-breaking work to our local ecosystem as real-time data is the most important piece of information that agencies require today, especially for smart city initiatives which will help in developing areas based on the ultra-accurate detection and changing the landscape in the digital advertising sector” commented Amri Mohd Din, the COO of REKA.

This technology was deployed in Cyberjaya just last year until April 2020 where REKA had collected data from over 32,000 active vehicles monthly. This data was digested for the Sepang Municipal Council and was converted into useful information that can potentially help planners and agencies to make more informed decisions.

About REKA

REKA is a Research & Development company from Malaysia that focuses on delivering digital technologies and automation within organizations. Being one of the first startups to build autonomous vehicles within the region, REKA’s outreach has stretched to other countries around the globe, helping organizations to go digital, strategizing technology implementations and helping the community with Science, Technology & Arts.

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