AI Driven Car: MARii and REKA Unveil Breakthrough Autonomous Vehicle Technology at the Malaysia Autoshow 2023

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by Ridzwan Razalee

Earlier this month, we had an exhilarating presence at the Malaysia Autoshow 2023, alongside our main stakeholder for the autonomous vehicle project, MARii (Malaysia Automotive Robotics and IoT Institute). It was a momentous occasion as we showcased our autonomous vehicle technology, highlighting its potential for safe and reliable industry testing.

The autonomous vehicle (AV) is one of the loftiest aspirations of recent human history and has helped set new technological standards.

Here are areas where AV advancements have set new standards for the tech world:

A Focus on Safety and Reliability

At REKA, our top priority when it comes to the development of technology is safety and reliability. In this project, we work as well with ELMLAB, harnessing the power of autonomous vehicle technology for industry testing with the aim of significantly reducing accidents caused by operational errors. Our ultimate goal is to improve efficiency and productivity across various sectors through the application of this cutting-edge technology.

Deep learning mimics neuron activity and has three or more layers, creating a neural network. This neural network could support functions like voice/speech recognition, voice search, image recognition and processing, motion detection and data analysis.

Once these functions work together, they can help vehicles recognise other cars, and pedestrian traffic and adhere to map-out routes. With all this data which needs processing by AV, it is no wonder that the AI market is responding to the growing AV market. Forecast reports that the automotive AI market will reach more than 10.5billion by 2025.

Artificial Intelligence is the foundation of making the autonomous vehicle successful, and therefore the advancement of AI must be rock solid. For it’s not just processing the data the AV is receiving and retrieving, but also the surrounding infrastructure.

Collaboration and Partnerships

In our quest to drive the future of automotive and mobility, we work closely with MARii (Malaysia Automotive Robotics and IoT Institute) as our main stakeholder, which has enabled us to advance autonomous vehicle technology for industry testing. Through this partnership, we aim to explore the full potential of this technology, focusing on making it safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly.

Testing Ground in Cyberjaya

Prior to the event, we conducted rigorous tests of our autonomous vehicle on the dedicated route in Cyberjaya. This facility allows us to evaluate the performance and reliability of our autonomous vehicle technology under different weather conditions. It is through these meticulous tests that we continue to enhance the capabilities of our autonomous driving technology.

A Vision for the Future

Participating in events like the Malaysia Autoshow 2023 allows us to showcase the impact of autonomous driving technology on communities. We believe in aligning with global trends towards sustainable and livable cities, and our presence at the event extends beyond the display of our autonomous vehicle, we strive to educate the public about the immense potential and benefits of technology in general.

Game time!

Visitors at the Malaysia Autoshow 2023 had the opportunity to explore our activities at MARii’s booth, where we provided demonstrations and engaging activities to offer a first-hand experience of our autonomous vehicle technology. We were thrilled to share our progress with the public and inspire them with the exciting future of mobility.

Our participation in Malaysia Autoshow 2023, alongside MARii, was a testament to our commitment to revolutionize the autonomous vehicle industry. We committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, emphasizing safety, reliability, and efficiency, to transform current times with groundbreaking advancements.

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