Where Could Valuable Data Be Collected?

When it comes to collecting data for small businesses, they don’t have to hire their own 007 to lurk in the dark while collecting intel for their business. Most businesses already have the data they need to help optimize their business whether they’re aware of it or not. They don’t have to in any way impose on the privacy of others, just understand how to analyze and use the data which they already have at hand.

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Catch Up On The Latest Tech Trends

Discover another perspective on how the current digital revolution is transforming the way we work today.

Could Robots Make Good Co-Workers? How Robotic Process Automation Can Help Optimize Business Process Management and Increase Productivity.

A business, like any organization, has many different parts that keep the ship sailing. Having processes is essential for any organization to have long-lasting sustainability. Every business/organization has a form of Business Process Management(BPM) that covers the overview of daily workflow from A-Z. Such a landscape will need all hands on deck to produce the most efficient system.

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Hiroaki Tsumori

Project Manager at Murata Manufacturing

Hiroaki Tsumori worked at Murata Manufacturing for over 24 years, checking off every box to discover the possibilities of new technology and the good changes it may bring to all industries.


Edgar Lim

Executive Director of AIMs Research

Learn how AIMS Research’s Executive Director, Edgar Lim, is guiding his team to address the ongoing need for a reliable and complete source of data on OOH advertising spending in Malaysia.


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The Current State of ITS in Malaysia and Around The Globe

ITS is important in the development of smart cities and is estimated to have a market size of USD26.6 billion with a projected 6% growth until 2027. Read more in our full whitepaper.