REKA exists to make technology, digital or otherwise accessible to everyone

Our mission: Enable people to create and make technology accessible.



Company Overview

Without great People, REKA can't go anywhere

We are inventors, designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs, passionate and purposeful in the work we do.

We are working to create a better way of solving some of the world’s problems. We have a once-in-a-century opportunity to reinvent how we do things in our life—and we need your help.

At REKA, you’ll find a creative, collaborative environment where great ideas thrive, and where everyone is driven by the same big purpose.

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We’re reimagining local research , globally.

It’s time for local technology to do the disrupting

We saw potential technology and talent that is thriving locally. We want to be a platform that creative, innovative and bold like-minded people come together to tackle problems with technology, at a global scale.

Technology with a twist

Manual to digital

We help global corporations, goverments and startups to achieve their technology aspirations by being part of the tech or R&D, delivering superior performance.

Technology in charity

We believe technology should be used to bring positive impacts to communities around the globe, especially through trying times and make life easier for all.

Research to in-search

Universities and institutions are pivotal to education, more so in terms of cutting edge research. We’re helping to bring these great achievements out to market.

A piece amongst our achievements.

It started with a car and evolved into a platform

Back in 2016, we were the first tech startup to ever ventured into testing cars fitted with autonomous technology on open roads in South East Asia, even if it’s for a short time. Now the initally-spontaneous project has evolved to be customizable for organizations to adapt intelligent process automation.

Our ‘robots’ are human powered.

REKA is a platform for anyone with a passion, curiosity and affinity towards creating game-changing technologies. We are continuously looking for new talent to join us in our mission.