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Designing an Effective Traffic Management System

REKA, a Malaysian-based R&D company teaming-up with Murata, a worldwide leader in the development of leading-edge electronic materials to explore the potential of real-time traffic data analysis.

About The Tech

High Quality Data

Traffic data per Every Single Lane
Real Time (Freshness <1min, Sampling 30sec.)
Certified on counting accuracy 92% to 94%

Reliable Operations

Sensors & system are installed and operated by Murata and REKA. We cover the operations & maintenance for resilient data service Data can be delivered to any countries (within low)

Practical Application

Traffic Information (Congestion, Accident, Busy street, Viewer at outdoor billboard)
Safety information (Heavy Rain)
Traffic Management (Navigation, Flow/Signal Control)

Explore the potential in the field of traffic data

This system uses raw data from Murata’s sensors which assists REKA to analyze said data with High Accuracy in real-time to provide unique data analysis based on the traffic counter result. The collected raw data is classified by vehicle class, number of vehicles, daily temperature, and CO2 emissions within the sensor’s area coverage.

How does traffic data help?

Traffic data tell you about the volume, flow, speed and classification of vehicle traffic on the roads in any given time

  • Local Authorities & Government

    Monitoring roads for major arteries in making better decisions regarding future road development.

  • Media & Advertising

    Provide the OOH (Out-Of-Home) industry with a real-time insight on traffic situation within their billboard/digital screen area.

  • Property Valuation

    Eases the evaluation for a business/urban development for Traffic Impact Assessment prediction and evaluation.

Use Cases

Bali, Indonesia

This data has been used for the benefit of the tourism sector in more rural parts of the country such as Bali while also being utilised in the cityscape to effectively monitor traffic data in commonly congested roads.

Bangkok, Thailand

This data has helped the advertising sector of Thailand by providing real time traffic data according to the collected data from the traffic monitoring system.

Cyberjaya, Malaysia

This data was digested for the local council and was converted into useful information that can potentially help planners and agencies to make more informed decisions for the city development.

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

The sensor was installed in one of the local billboards located in Petaling Jaya which is now used to build a new use case for the advertising sector.

Keep in Touch

We’re all ears! Contact us to schedule a meeting if you are interested to learn more about traffic data or if just simply curious about the tech.